7 Day All-Inclusive Tour of Malta


Malta is a great destination for a holiday and has all the things we look for in a destination. Great

weather, easy to access from the UK, lots of attractions to see great accommodations on several 

parts of the island and very friend local people that are only too happy to tell you about their island.

Malta actually consists of three islands; the main island of Malta, Gozo and Comino. All three of the 

islands offer something different and are all worth seeing if you visit. 


The main island of Malta has been inhabited since before the days of the Romans and there are 

Neolithic ruins on the island that are worth visiting. The population is just over 350 thousand 

and this will grow during the main tourist season which is from March till November. 

Although there are not a lot of large beaches on the island there is numerous small ones 

worth spending the day at? The local bus service makes it very easy to cover all of the 

villages and towns and they have a regular service which connects the island communities. 

The main city is Valletta and it has a vibrant sea port with cruise ships visiting almost every 

day. The city was once was part of the old fortress and the large walls can still be walked on 

today. If you like narrow streets with shops and great cafes then you’ll enjoy Valletta!

Gozo which is on the north end of the island and can easily be reached by the car ferry which runs 

approximately every 20 minutes and is inexpensive to take your car over if you decide to 

rent one. If you’re on foot there is an excellent bas service on Gozo as well as the “Hop on 

Hop off Bus” which will take you to all of the points of interest on the island. Gozo has a 

slightly smaller population of approximately 120 thousand with a large group of expats that 

now reside there.


Comino which is the smallest of the island is best known for its stunning “Blue Lagoon” and there is 

also a 4 star hotel on the island which is only open during the peak tourist season. The water 

in the lagoon is actually a beautiful aqua blue colour and the beach there is shelter so it’s a 

great spot for the sun worshipers. Comino is serviced on regular bases by a smaller shuttle 

service and several of the hotels on the north short run their own boats to the island for 

their guests.


We will be posting several hotels with prices in Jan 2016 along plans for longer stays on the island for 

up to 90 days which might give the Florida crowd something else to consider for their winter 

breaks. We will also be running tours there from the UK so watch out for this info in January 

2016 with different hotel and food options as well as all inclusive packages.


Note: some of the towns we visit may be changed depending on time restrictions

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